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Bridge the Gap

June 2, 2014

Bridge the Gap

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Natalie Cash and Jeff Morey Natalie Cash and Jeff Morey

It’s a story you could imagine telling at a cocktail party–restoring the wooden promenade of the Brooklyn Bridge with sustainably harvested timber from a long-term Wildlife Conservation Society field site.

It’s just so unconventional, so innovative, so big, that when we were approached to make a film about this project, we knew had to be a part of it. To transform this iconic bridge into a global showcase for conservation, just the possibility of it creates a sense of pride on so many levels, as New Yorkers, as WCS staffers, as people who regularly commute across the Brooklyn Bridge.

We look at the bridge now in a whole new way, with a new sense of possibility.

Nikon D3

Manhattan, USA Map It


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