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Protecting The Future

May 14, 2014

Protecting The Future

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Heidi Kretser Heidi Kretser

Our footsteps echo along the long hallways of the American Museum of Natural History. We are flanked by seemingly endless rows of metal cabinets containing prized trophies of long ago scientific expeditions, from a time when tigers numbered over 100,000 in the wild and elephants in the millions.

We systematically opened the metal cabinets and invited over 50 ghosts of our past to a photo shoot where we detailed the variation in fur color, length of hair, and size of the pelts.

As illegal trade in wildlife continues to increase, law enforcement officers need improved tools to aid in the identification of species from products, these photos will be used in a decision-tree style mobile app to help stop such wildlife crimes.

By using the past, we will protect the future.

Nikon D4

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