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Lonnie McCaskill

Lonnie McCaskill

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Lonnie McCaskill is Curator of Animal Programs and Assistant Director at Prospect Park Zoo. Lonnie started his career as a mammal keeper at the Dallas Zoo and rose to the level of lead keeper in both mammal and reptile departments. In their mammal department, he worked with a variety of hoof stock, a rhino breeding program, and primates including gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees. He moved on to the White Oak Conservation Center in Florida where he focused on their rhino breeding program. When Disney’s Animal Kingdom was opening, he joined as Zoological Manager of the Safari Team, overseeing a staff of 22 keepers. At the Central Florida Zoo, he added oversight of their horticulture program to his living collection expertise and his staff of 25 included both keepers and horticulturists. Throughout his career, Lonnie has worked in the field primarily with crocodilians and Asian turtles (one of which was a collaboration with TSA and WCS) and has an extensive list of publications to his name.