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Seal Beach Crawl

June 18, 2020

Seal Beach Crawl

- as seen by -

Graham Harris Graham Harris

December 1983, Punta Norte, Peninsula Valdés, Argentina.  

Dr. William Conway, President and General Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society, at the time called the New York Zoological Society, and WCS researcher Claudio Campagna crawl cautiously away from a group of southern elephant seals (Mirounga leonina) in the hopes of leaving without causing a disturbance. The face peering over the edge of the gravel beach behind them suggests partial success.

Bill has always got fully immersed in conservation projects in the field at every opportunity he has. His visits to Patagonia have played an essential role in guiding and shaping the wildlife conservation effort in the region since the 1960s. All projects here carry Bill’s indelible no-nonsense wildlife conservation stamp on them.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dr. Conway began his career with WCS in 1956 and retired as WCS President in 1999. He continues to serve as senior conservationist. His influence on WCS’s history has been profound, from inaugurating the institutional field conservation program to leading the development of groundbreaking zoo and aquarium exhibits that support the conservation of animals in the wild.

The Wildlife Conservation Society is celebrating 125 years of saving wildlife and wild places in 2020. WCS was founded as the New York Zoological Society in 1895, and the flagship Bronx Zoo opened in 1899. Wild View will feature regular posts on the history of the Society’s photography and other events throughout the year.

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