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Chameleons: Masters of Adaptability – Part 3

May 14, 2020

Chameleons: Masters of Adaptability – Part 3

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Kevin Torregrosa Kevin Torregrosa

The most famous chameleon characteristic of all is their ability to drastically change their color.

It is true that chameleons are expert color changers. This is one of the tools in their arsenal of survivability. There is a big misconception that chameleons change color to match their background. It is true that chameleons’ color will help to camouflage them (above, brown leaf chameleon, Brookesia superciliaris). The most dramatic color change that chameleons present is after they have been spotted. If these lizards are seen by predators or perhaps rival chameleons, they puff up their bodies, and their colors become very bright and bold. This amazing display is meant to intimidate whatever may be distressing them at the moment.

My son loves to learn about the unique features of different animals, and I love to talk about my favorite animals. Chameleons are easy subjects for us as they are masters of adaptability.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Kevin and his son will share other fun facts about reptiles from the zoo and the wild while herping from home in future posts on Wild View.

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