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Great and Small: Leaf Frogs

April 13, 2017

Great and Small: Leaf Frogs

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Matt Baronak Matt Baronak

Solomon Island leaf frogs are unusual in their appearance – and in their life cycle.

Most frogs go from egg to tadpole to frog. Solomon Island leaf frogs are different in that they skip the tadpole stage. Four to six weeks after eggs are laid, tiny frogs that are replicas of their parents hatch. The hatchlings are fully formed with legs and lungs and are ready to fend for themselves. The tiny babies are gray in color to help camouflage them among the leaf litter of their tropical lowland forest home. As they develop, their color can change to orange, yellow, or green.

EDITOR’S NOTE: April is National Frog Month. Participate in our Frogs Are Cool Wild View assignment here.

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