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Mother Moose

December 24, 2014

Mother Moose

- as seen by -

Giulia Garbagna Giulia Garbagna

It was early morning when I spotted this mother moose and her calf among the thick trees on the Gros Ventre River in the Grand Teton National Park. They were both quiet and peaceful in a perfect morning, eating tasty soft fresh leaves and looking around like something was missing.I started hoping they were looking for moose dad.

I expected to see a huge moose bull apprearing out of the bush, when they simply disappeared. With a little regret, all I have left is this picture of these two beautiful gentle giants and the hope that daddy moose will cross my path next time.

Canon Eos 600D

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Barbara Russo
December 24, 2014 at 10:17 am

A delightful piece.