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International Rabbit Day – Likeable Lagomorphs

September 27, 2014

International Rabbit Day – Likeable Lagomorphs

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Barbara Russo Barbara Russo

In celebration of International Rabbit Day, I thought I’d share a few words about these likeable lagomorphs.

There are many breeds of domestic rabbits. From the diminutive Netherland dwarf to the hefty Flemish giant, the variations are extensive. In fact, the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) recognizes 48 unique breeds, with the lionhead being one of the newer breeds to be accepted into the organization. ARBA also recognizes 13 breeds of cavies.

Like humans, rabbits have their own individual characteristics and personalities. Or rabbit-alities, I should say. Domestic rabbits are varieties of the European rabbit that have been domesticated. I have always been fascinated by the variations rabbits have in their fur types, coat patterns, and of course their ears – their crowning glory. One of my favorite breeds is the American fuzzy lop, known for their wool coats and lopped ears.

Flemish giants – like this one at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Queens Zoo – are the largest breed of rabbit and can weigh up to 26 pounds.

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