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Night Owl

April 20, 2015

Night Owl

- as seen by -

Brian Kontio Brian Kontio

I photograph wildlife with camera traps that I build myself using relatively inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras. These cameras are modified so they can be operated by commercially available trail camera control boards. I have as many as 10 such camera traps out year round in northern Minnesota. Having this window into animals’ lives fascinates me, especially species that aren’t necessarily rare, but are seldom glimpsed, let alone photographed. I’ve gotten photos of several other owl species (as well as most major mammal species in my area), but this is the only great gray owl I have photographed.

Camera trapping using “home brew” camera traps is a hobby that has a small but dedicated group of enthusiasts. Equipment ranges from $15 obsolete point and shoots to DSLR’s with multiple remote flashes and more. I learned what I needed to know by perusing several Internet forums on the subject.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This photo was selected as the favorite from many great shots submitted for our camera trap assignment. Interested in contributing? Check out our latest theme and get us your best stuff.

Sony DSC S600 Camera Trap “Home Brew”

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